Dodgers, you broke my heart today

Dear Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles,

You broke my heart today. Just like you’ve done all season long, you got my hopes up, only to dash them again and again.

What the fuck, you guys?

Listen: get it together, and cut this shit out. If you pull this bullshit again, I’m sending you fishing with Fredo.



10 thoughts on “Dodgers, you broke my heart today”

  1. Hate to pull trump but you guy call THIS pain? One game? Try sitting at the corner of Clark and Addison for the last thirty seven years…

    Having said that I am pulling for you and your boys in blue.

  2. Hate to break it to y’all, but St. Koufax was sitting with the Wilpons yesterday. He comes to Mets spring training every year to school the young’uns.

    But seriously, who the heck is your third base coach?

    And memo to Brad Penny – don’t walk Jose Reyes.

  3. Memo to Brad Penny, glue your ass to the pine, what a horrible second half he’s had. I’m willing to give him a second chance. Just not this year. And if Jeff Kent can’t tell the difference between a double off the wall and a pop-fly, then he should get some better glasses.

  4. Right on, bwanstar!

    Los Angeles fans SUCK – when their teams are in first place you can’t swing a cat without hitting a “fan.” Anything less than that and they can’t even remember the team’s name.

    Being a Cubs fan takes GUTS. And a high tolerance for pain. And a long memory….

  5. Screw off, who asked you? I’ve been a fan of the Dodgers since I was a kid. I know at least a couple of Cubs fans, who are now all of the sudden White Sox fans. Hmmmm, I wonder why. Oh and GO BEARS!

  6. One game does not a post season end. Bonehead base running/coaching aside (OK and the 13000 strikeouts and Brad Penny), the Dodgers made it game and came one more miracle from Nomar away of chalking up a win.

  7. Methinks you dost protest too much, Matt. And for the record I would rather eat my own eye than see or even hear about a White Sox game. Further, I have never seen a single Cubs fan feel otherwise.

  8. Well Matt I have to admit to losing one long time buddy who last fall suddenly specified/declared that he was a “Chicago” sports fan (a la John “Traitor” Cuzak) at which point he was banished from the club and forced to relinquish any rights to being a true diehard.

    The only good news from last fall’s classic was that it was not White Sox v Cards.. I couldn’t bare to watch that..

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