And away we go….!

Less than an hour before the kickoff of Game 1 between the Dodgers and my beloved New York Metropolitans. (Yes. They’re mine. I have an ownership stake in the team. Well, I do in my fevered imagination, anyway.)

For any NYC expatriates that don’t worship the evil empire, Metsblog has a thread devoted to L.A.-area meetups.

I’ve got my ducats for Saturday, how about you?

Comment thread is open for yummy, yummy smack talk.


12 thoughts on “And away we go….!”

  1. hello LA residents – glad you could start watching baseball. No, it didn’t just start, the season has been going on since April. It’s good that you’re still 100% behind your team, just getting there late, leaving early or completely ignoring the team unless they make the postseason.

    PS – the ‘Evil Empire’ are the Yankees, not Mets.
    Welcome to baseball! glad to have new fans!!!

  2. Dude, i don’t even like baseball, or really know anything about what is going on in baseball at any given time, but I’ve always known that the Mets were a bunch of pansies. Even back when I was on a T-ball team called the Mets when i was like 7 they sucked. Or rather we did.

    Was that a good start?

  3. Good start, Ben.

    And Paydro – smack talk is reserved for those who possess reading comprehension skills. Follow the Evil Empire link.

  4. and return smacktalk should be reserved for people who have posted about the dodgers before the playoffs started AND understand that baseball games don’t start with a kickoff.

  5. You get 4 hits in a row, you better damn well score more than one run. You can’t do that shit in the play-offs. Frick!

  6. Bah, all you people from New York need to get over the fact that you’re in L.A. now and it’s not New York. You’re entitled (in fact, obligated) to cheer for your home town team* (I will be a Cubs fan until I die), but you are not allowed to talk smack about the local team, and they should be your back-up team to cheer for when the Mets go down. And your children born in L.A. must be raised as Dodger fans.

    *Unless you’re from an A.L. city, in which case there is no hope for you.

  7. I’m watching the playoffs, and offering props to the Dodgers. But I still go to Mulberry Street pizza, and root against the Yankees! And cheer for the Lovable Losers, the Mets!

    Another yay — Tigers beat the Yanks today in game 2!

  8. Dodgers 07!

    Here are my Dodger keepers:

    We need to pick up someone like a Ryan Freel who can play the outfield and pick up SB. Dump our starting pitchers who we currently are using as middle relievers. And pick-up a power guy, something we are seriously lacking. I think Kent can be that guy, but injuries really affected his numbers this year. We can’t depend on him to play 130-140 games.

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