Win FREE tickets the Detour Festival this Saturday

index_07.gifClick here to enter the contest we have going on over @ buddyhead dot com… maybe you’ll win FREE tickets to the first annual LA Weekly Detour Festival. It’s this Saturday in downtown LA, they’re expecting 40,000 12,000 people to show up (the people watching alone is gonna be awesome) and DJs sets from Shepard Fairey, Dj Daddy’s Money, dudes from the band VHS or Beta and yours truely with help from the infamous Troy Boy. We’ll be drinking whiskey to our favorite rock songs in the church from 4-6pm, come by and watch Troy play air drums. Oh a bunch of bands are playing too… including Blonde Redhead, Redd Kross, Peeping Tom & Queens Of The Stone Age.

9 thoughts on “Win FREE tickets the Detour Festival this Saturday”

  1. Thats 40,000 between the two fests. Regarding Detour, “Phil Blaine, an event producer for Goldenvoice… said that tickets are selling well and he estimates 12,000 people will attend.”

  2. Ahh well I guess that’s what I get for “skimming” and not reading. You got me. 40,000 sounds way cooler, I’m leaving it.

  3. Any idea if they’ll be selling tickets for face value at the door? I HATE the Ticketmaster “convenience” charge…

  4. From the festival’s MySpace (bleh) page: If tickets are still available, they will be sold for $35.50 at the festival. Credit cards at the main entrance or cash at the secondary entrance.

  5. They just increased the listed “at the door” price to $40 on the myspace page. Pretty jacked. And no set list/schedule yet? Weak…

  6. TOTALLY annoying that there is no set list – only that doors are at 2pm. Why go super early just to wait.

    If anyone knows – can you please direct me to a page??

  7. All I know is I dj from 4-6, Redd Kross goes on at 6:15pm and Queens Of The Stone Age are on at like 10pm…

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