I always liked Advent calendars as a kid. Now, there’s something better than those crumbly, low-grade chocolates that were always in them. The folks that brought you CraftNight at Akbar now bring you Gothtober. Thirty-one days of shorts and crafts and animations – and unlike the traditional realspace Advent calendars, you can only open up to the current day. Also, they have instructions on how to create your own Gothtober ride, using cut-out paper dice. And a series of photos from their versions of it. The hilarity never ceases when you’re on a spooky bike ride!

Oh, and I noticed something today – it actually smells like fall out there. I think this is a localized phenomenon to tree-heavier areas of Los Angeles, because it’s the falling leaves that really make it smell like autumn to me. But it’s almost as if the weather’s hooked up to a calendar, with how quickly it cooled off as soon as October rolled around. Does it feel like fall all over the city, or is it just because I’m out by the rapidly cooling ocean in Venice?