Go hang out with President Bush today!

369903.jpg If for some reason your afternoon plans fell through and you now have an opening, maybe you should head west and kick it with President George W. Bush. According to NewsRadio KNX1070 he’s going to be in town hanging out at the Holmby Hills home of venture capitalist Elliot Broidy. Who cares if you didn’t get an invite, just look it up on ZabaSearch and you’ll see the address is 237 Woodruff Ave. LA, CA 90024 – the folks at Zaba are even nice enough to provide this google map of the exact location. They give you a ton of phone numbers too so you could probably even call ahead and ask them to stock up on your favorite beverage before you get there. Of course this isn’t the first time I’m talked about ZabaSearch here and how awesome it is that YOUR info is so easily accessible.
[Thanks justsaynotodecaf]

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