Is that 880 lbs of cocaine in your pocket?

cokebricks.jpgTransporting mass quantities of illegal drugs around Southern California can be kind of a dicey proposition, especially if you’re too stupid to follow basic traffic laws. . .like buckling up. Apparently Juan Vargas Alvarez was cruising around in Stevenson Ranch with 880 lbs of cocaine in his pickup when he was pulled over for not wearing his seat belt. Let’s say it one more time 880 lbs of cocaine. According to CHP that’s about $40 million dollars of coke on the street. Also, according to the court that charged him today, that’s the possibility of 30 years in jail and $5 million bail. That’s might sting a little. The full story here and your merciless mocking in the comments section. C’mon, I know you’ve got it in you.

One more time, $4o million dollars of cocaine because he didn’t buckle up.

Brings new meaning to the whole “Click it or ticket” campaign, eh?

(photo not of the actual bust, but yanked from

5 thoughts on “Is that 880 lbs of cocaine in your pocket?”

  1. Its impossible to get 30 years in jail. He’s gonna get 30 years in prison (yes, there is a difference).

  2. THANK YOU “some guy”. It drives me crazy when the talking heads on the news channels mix and match the two terms..

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