Internet Gambling to be Banned – Who’s To Benefit? is expected that within the next few days President Bush will sign into law a sweeping bill that would outlaw online gambling, from sports betting to poker. (Thanks to the war on terror, this was snuck into a larger bill enforcing port security – please remember to show appropriate love to your Republican senators and congressman this November).

Politics aside, banning internet gambling could be a small boon for the Southern California economy in two ways, as online gamblers will now fill their leisure time and spend their dollars in two different sectors:

1. Los Angeles area casinos! Commerce, Hollywood Park, Normandie, The Bicycle Club, and of course, the Hustler Casino will graciously welcome gamblers who have long forgotten how to put on a poker face in lieu of strategically timed mouse clicks and chatted smack talk.

2. Every third grader knows that Al Gore made the internet for porn, not gambling. Internet gamblers too unsavvy to figure out how to use an overseas proxy and overseas bank account will likely spend even more time surfing for porn, much of which is made here in sunny Southern California. Locals will also find themselves hitting up strip clubs on the way to or back from the casinos mentioned above.

So what say you, Los Angeles? Could the ban on internet gambling be a good thing in the long run?

(photo by caribb at Flickr)

3 thoughts on “Internet Gambling to be Banned – Who’s To Benefit?”

  1. I e-mailed Ms. Boxer and Ms. Fienstien about this issue, and both of them supported the amendment and added me to their e-mailing lists, again. Argh. I like pushing virtual quarters across the either now and then. A useless restriction of another freedom, this ban is to me. I also play live cash games and tournaments for bigger bucks, at the mentioned casions around LA, but I still love to practice online. Regulate it, don’t ban it.

  2. i don’t understand this. why? and if the problem is with overseas, why not allow vegas casinos to do business online? they could regulate it, and i’m sure the vegas casinos would love the opportunity.

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