Hallowe’en Activity Kickoff (Zombie Update)

150px-Jack_Skellington.jpgWell well. Our own Heathervescent has received props over on the ZombieWalk Livejournal community, in anticipation of her performance this Saturday at Bootie L.A. I won’t ruin the surprise, but I will say I’m very sorry I won’t be there to see the act. I’m on my way up to my homeland for the weekend for Canadian Thanksgiving, and have to miss ALL the zombie related fun on Saturday.

However, based off the most recent posts, I’d say the zombie walk is definitely happening. Check out the zombie forums, and be at Hollywood/Vine on Saturday (that’s 10/7) at 6pm, to lurch down the street just as it gets dark.

My friends and I also sat down over lunch at a Getty picnic table on Saturday, and hammered out all the wonderful things we can do for Hallowe’en. To start with, we’re getting tickets for the Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D showings later this month. But before then, we’ll be experiencing the ride version at Disneyland in two weeks, while the park is still all tricked out for the holiday. And, of course, we have the usual regimen of parties and clubs to hit, culminating in Hex Hollywood on Hallowe’en night. But I’ll be posting more about that between now & the day itself. For now, I’ll just be enjoying Hallowe’en – from the creepy mad scientist doctor mannequins in the CMS to the gravestones on the neighbors lawns – and preparing for as many Hallowe’en-related activities as I can squeeze in.

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  1. Girlfriend and I are mostly ready to join in with the LA Zombie Walk. Got out make-up, blood, prosthetics and prop all set. Just need to figure out the wardrobe a bit.

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