Just In Time For Monday Lunch

Driving down Sepulveda yesterday, avoiding the 405 traffic on the way home from the Getty, I noticed a new food establishment on Sepulveda: Zankou Chicken

I know Zankou is an L.A. establishment, but not a Westside thing. Instead, we have our California Chicken Cafes in Santa Monica and in Venice. That’s where I go to get my quarter chicken with a side of butternut squash. But I went to Zankou one weekend in Pasadena, and suddenly I realized that there’s a reason the legend of Zankou is heard west of the 405: it’s outstanding, addictive stuff. That garlic sauce is one of the best food substances ever created.

Now there’s a Zankou’s on the Westside, at Sepulveda and Santa Monica. There’s a first-timer’s review at la.foodblogging as well, for those wanting a ground up review. For those of us on the Westside, who previously only had access to Zankou’s when visiting the Eastside, this comes as good news. It’s a little far from Venice, but now that particular rotisserie chicken is a lot closer than it used to be.

4 thoughts on “Just In Time For Monday Lunch”

  1. That la.foodblogging review of mine is from May ’05, that Zankou has been there a while. Zankou still is magic for me though, and don’t forget their fallafel, often overlooked.

  2. yeah its kind of hard to see on santa monica b/c of all the construction (which is good b/c it is never crowded when I go)…but i love it.

  3. Anyone know the Tenacious D song with inappropriate title that mentions this L.A. favorite?

    My vegetarian sister who lives near the “new” location always reminds that “they have good salads.”

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