Does this mean I have two dogs?

For the past month I’ve been wondering if a coyote is living in the yard. Twice I’ve found dead rats (well, technically they were only half-rats, something had chewed off the head and front legs) in the past month. My dog has also been acting very territorial in her own back yard, marking particular spots on a regular basis.


Today I got confirmation that there is definitely a coyote in my yard. He hardly cares that I’m there. He was munching away on some grass in the corner of the yard near the carport. I came back in the house, got my camera and he was still there. I took some photos and scared him off into the further recesses of the yard. But it’s fenced so I don’t think he can get out (the driveway is the only way out).

Should I do anything about it, besides warn the neighbors that have cats they let out during the day that there’s a non-nocturnal coyote? I’m kinda happy I have at least two fewer rats in my back yard.

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  1. Good on DB! Great picture Cybele!

    If the coyote’s set up shop in your backyard you can probably get animal control to attempt to trap and relocate it. Other than that, warning your neighbors is a good call (in my part of the hood someone’s been tacking up flyers about coyote spottings) and probably the only real thing you can do until it thins out your rodents and moves on.

    L.A. Animal Services has some info here:

  2. We always had coyote’s when I lived out in Lancaster. We would make sure our cats were inside every night.

  3. What you do is you run up at him sideways with incredible speed and you say BEEP BEEP just as you pass by him flushing him towards the driveway. Then have someone like Gary Coleman (like he’s got anything better to do) drive a steam roller out of your garage and POW!

    That ends it until, you know, the next go around.

  4. LOL, Coffee Burt! Is this the scruffy little guy I’ve been seeing on Spring Oak during the day? I always stop and say something encouraging, and he cocks his head and listens intently before he lopes off — very doglike, almost meek.

  5. Tristen – what I think is alarming here is that he was up and about (chomping on some grass) at 3 in the afternoon …

    Will – I might have to call for him to be trapped. I mean, I like that he’s killing rats, but now I can’t even let my own dog out in the back yard during the day.

    Coffee Burt & Russ – you both cracked me up! (Russ – my back yard is wheelchair accessible! Though with the steepness of the driveway I’m not sure they can get out.)

  6. it’s weird you mention daylight-coyote spotting; last week (thursday?) I was leaving my house at 10am and there were two coyotes lazily trotting up the middle of the street in Silverlake. I’ve seen cotoyes a plenty of times, and I know they come around at night in our neighborhood (once in a blue moon), but in broad daylight in the middle of the street? It seemed very bizarre. They were both quite unconcerned with the fact that they were where they were…

  7. Yes, the Silverlake coyotes have become quite the “couple-about-town.” They come through our backyard – off Hyperion between Sunset and Hoover – about 3 am or so. But it’s their brazen morning trots down Hyperion that really impress me.

    Quatro the calico cat is going to be in for a lethal surprise soon if her owner doesn’t keep her in the house.

  8. wow, yeah! I didn’t know they got around town so much :) The pair i saw were over on descanso near maltman… so they’re probably the same pair :)

    ditto for our neighbor’s cat tigger across the street; although his owner -has- been warned about it… don’t think there’s much food in our part of town ‘cept for loose cats and small dogs, unfortunately :\

  9. I have to agree with all the Silverlake posters…I did see one right by the reservoir a while back. At first I thought it was just one of the regular dogs off its leash but after close scrutiny, I then realized what it was. I then crossed the street and went the opposite direction.

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