Life Can Be So Car(e)-Free

Can I just say how excited I am for Life Can Be So Car-Free? This is, “a night of film, live music, interpretive walks, rides and fun celebrating and demonstrating Car-Free transportation choices,” happening this SATURDAY, as in the day after tomorrow, from 5 to 10pm in the evening. The event takes place after hours at the site formerly known as the Not a Cornfield, which is at 1245 N. Spring St. next to Chinatown Station, making it easily Metro accessible. And it’s a chance to be in the new park after hours, so it’s a great opportunity for a sunset picnic.

Highlights are:

  • L.A. River 101 Bicycle Tour with Joe Linton and an Interpretive Walk with Carmelo Alvarez
  • Local Bands Telematique and Triple Chicken Foot will be performing.
  • Films selected by Ashira Siegel, director of ‘Even the Girls’ Red Riding Hood Productions.

Satellite rides are also taking place from all over Los Angeles. The full event site, complete with satellite ride info, more details on the events, and the evening schedule is at’s official Life Can Be So Car Free page. This is a great chance to pick up some bike culture, listen to music and meet some really creative, outgoing cyclists, as well as check out the new state park downtown. I totally encourage everyone with a bike – or even non-cyclists who are just curious – to come on down and hang out for a while.

5 thoughts on “Life Can Be So Car(e)-Free”

  1. Actually, those aren’t too far off: non-cyclists ARE welcome, since the important thing is to come and learn. And there was bike valet parking at the bike film festival in August.

  2. you all best get to this gig. my roomie is the red-head doing the film picks this nite and shes worked awful hard. comwe out and learn what it means “live to ride.”

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