Final Boarding Call: IAAL•MAF Invitational Departs Tonight


Way too proud to beg, but not to remind you that the inauguvitational ride of the vaunted and revered IAAL‚Ä¢MAF rolls this evening. The why for, the where from and the what of it and be found previously announced by our leader Sean here on and also here at Come with us through the dark of night to the Dahlia’s deathbed… won’t you? Mwwwaaaahahahahahaha!

Oops… My pal Steve reminded me in the comments that I failed to mention the custom collectible slaminated spokecards available to the first 46,000 riders who show up. Or is that 46?

4 thoughts on “Final Boarding Call: IAAL‚Ä¢MAF Invitational Departs Tonight”

  1. Michele? Not sure who you’re talking too, but by chance is “Krcmar” the one responsible for the Elizabeth Short pavement stencil pictured with this post? If so can you shed any more light on the sidewalk sprayer?

    I snapped this one in front of Spaceland and in its original form the word “Silver” appeared where I photoshopped in “Hello Dahlia.”

  2. Oh, no. Steve Krcmar is my ubiquitous biker friend who I somehow manage to run into wherever I go. He is everywhere. Like Jesus, or maybe smog.

    Not a stencil artist, however.

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