Farmer’s Market Update

I just got a phone call from the Marketing Director at the Farmers Market (is there an apostrophe? I don’t know!) about my letter of complaint. He agreed with me that we are customers and can use the tables and assured me that the woman who’d approached us was just trying to find out whether we were having a meeting or party or just sitting together. I reiterated that we’d be told we couldn’t sit together and he said that we absolutely can. I asked how he felt about us continuing to sit together whenever we want as long as the seats are not needed by anyone else. He said that is absolutely fine and that if ever we need to arrange for a dedicated space I should come see him at the Farmers Market Office.

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. (Except that one anonymous person who thinks this is my biggest problem – as if I’d write about that here – and I should shut up. You I do not thank.) I had a feeling this could be easily resolved and I’m glad that I was right – I love the Farmers market!

3 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Update”

  1. Hooray! My boycott of Farmers Market (no apostrophe) is over!

    Of course this would mean more if I had visited it more than once during the last decade.

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