Dear Film Crew, Talk To My Lawyer

There has been plenty of discussion here about filming in residential areas and the impact that has on the people who actually live there – some of who are not actually in the entertainment business! In most cases the complaints aren’t about the filming, but about the complete lack of respect for the residents often shown by the people doing the filming. While some of us are content to just talk smack on a blog about it, Laura Daltry is taking the next step and the legal system involved. She’s working on a class action lawsuit covering some of these abuses and is looking for more stories from people who have been lied to or taken advantage or probably even just annoyed by production companies filming in their neighborhoods. If you’ve got a story and want to get involved, drop her a line at stopfilmabuse[AT]

5 thoughts on “Dear Film Crew, Talk To My Lawyer”

  1. I usually jump to the defense of the film industry as it pays my bills. But there are times when cheap fly by night production companies disregard the rules and try to get everything they can. (See also: blood from a stone).

    Every neighborhood has it certain rules. If they ever violate those, then shut them down. It doesn’t take much noise to have a production shut down. As the stripper lovin’, money embezzling party EIDC has become LA Film you can call them to complain. Then a call to the local police. This include’s your driveway as it’s a fire hazard. You should never allow yourself to be bullied by these people. You can make all the noise all the want to the crew, but a simple phone call can hurt a offending production in the millions depending what it is. It’s still a cash cow for the city, so sueing prolly won’t help anything.
    LA film’s 24 hour line- 866/633.7533

    Don’t a few bad apples spoil the bunch for those that do follow the rules. And work very hard to. I’ve personally been hit my trash from cars from angry Angelenos. So all this haterd gets over the top.

  2. I emailed her yesterday (not necessarily to jump on board but to get more info on what sort of relief she’s seeking) but I haven’t heard back.

  3. Though I will admit I’m not down there to be bothered by things as often, I’m still glad that more production remains in LA than heads for Canada.

  4. The last time the film crew took over my neighborhood, they had rent-a-cops, carrying guns, blocking both ends of my very nice, quiet 2 block long street… A few hours later they fired somebody from the shoot for being obviously too inebriated to do his job, and he proceeded to smash up 4 cars as he sped away in his own car. The next morning there were broken bottles and large amounts of fake white paint left in the street. The city had no record of issuing the permit for the shoot.

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