Sofa So Good

Because you don’t see enough abandoned couches in your neighborhood and elsewhere in LA (and the country), you can now browse all the abandoned-furniture-loveliness from home or work!


Peggy Archer has created a group blog at wordpress for abandoned couches. She’s been adding a photo of an abandoned couch to her blog entries for months (see the flickr array above for examples). I don’t think there are any calls to adopt them or anything.

Visit Abandoned Couches (or sign up and contribute!) … it’s bound to become the CuteOverload of the gritty upholstery set.

3 thoughts on “Sofa So Good”

  1. We moved here last May (05) and have gotten a kick out of the numerous couches and chairs left outside..We’ve lived in Boston and NYC and have never seen so much orphaned furniture in our lives. Seems like everytime one gets picked up around here, two more get moved out. What do people DO with so many couches around here? And whats with the number of mattress stores??? Do Angelinos do something different that makes mattresses wear out faster here than in other places??? :)


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