Is it just me

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Or are they doing this wrong?

Doesn’t the architect’s rendering show the panels in a horizontal array? Because clearly the stuff was applied in a vertical manner.

(Camino Nuevo High School, Corner of Beverly and Virgil, where Beverly turns into Silver Lake)

6 thoughts on “Is it just me”

  1. Spencer and I were just talking about this school. Not only is it hideous, but could they have put a school at a worse intersection? Whenever I have to make a left onto Virgil from Beverly I say a little prayer. Now factor in all sorts of charter school kids into that danger zone? There gonna need like 20 crossing guards. With guns.

  2. a lot of these new schools all around LA are looking like complete crap. and nothing like the arch. renderings either. there are many near me in the downtown/echo park area and i can’t believe what they look like. anyway, my comment on your funny comment – seems like you’d be right that they are wrong. and if they are installing it wrong they are probably going to end short on the material and will have to spend more $ on it. these schools aren’t so cheap.

  3. actually the construction materials/methods used for LAUSD schools are really cheap. The numbers might be in the millions to build them, but comparatively speaking these schools are far less expensive then a school house built with bricks and real windows throughout.

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