Enter to Win A Black Dahlia prize pack!

flesh_lataco.jpgThis week Metroblogging Los Angeles will look at other infamous Los Angeles murders that deserve the silver screen treatment. With last Friday’s opening of Hollywoodland, about the mystery surrounding the death of George Reeves, and this Friday’s release of The Black Dahlia, what better time to present the crimes and mysteries that fascinate some of the writers here at blogging.la?

In the meantime, I invite our readers (this means you) to share the crimes they’d most like to see adapted to the big screen… and if you do, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a Black Dahlia prize pack courtesy of Universal Studios, including a Black Dahlia one sheet, t-shirt, and hat.

To enter, simply leave your comment below, and be sure to include a valid email address so I can contact you if you win (if you’d rather not leave your email address online, feel free to write me instead at unsomnambulist at gmail dot com). I’m not judging the entries – this is pure luck – so feel free to be as brief or longwinded, and obvious or creative as you want.

Deadline is this Wednesday, September 13th at noon. One entry per person, No more entries being accepted, but feel free to comment as much as you want… Metroblogging writers are also encouraged to comment, but are ineligible for the drawing.

(photo by Winged Hussar at LA Taco)

23 thoughts on “Enter to Win A Black Dahlia prize pack!”

  1. The hillside strangler or the nightstalker. It’s one thing to read about them on the true crime website, but quite another to see it on the big screen.

  2. There are plenty of interesting crimes that I’d love to see adapted:

    Jack the Ripper is the obvious, yes its been done, but it can always be done better

    The Boston Strangler would be interesting

    How about the China Lake murders where the guy stuffed them into the trunk of their car

    The Zodiac Killer maybe?

    Yes, I’m a crime junky, the jack the ripper case has to be the most fascinating and, although From Hell did quite a good job tying all the accepted theories into one story, it can always be done better :)


  3. i would say going to iraq but that issue seems to have been made into several movies already…

    except i’d like to see a movie about identity theft. I’m not quite sure how they’d make into a movie though(at least an interesting one)

  4. I’d love to see a quality film based on the Paul Bernardo/Karla Homolka crimes up in Canada. I mean, these people killed her sister while filming them both having sex with her, kidnapped and videotaped their victims and ultimately turned on each other. A great filmmaker could do wonders with this case.

  5. I’ll second Robert Blake – if only because his courtroom antics would be pure gold on screen.

    Zodiac’s been done, I think. I heard Fincher’s directing it.

  6. albert fish who killed and created recipies to eat his victims- he inspired hannibal. or pedro lopez who killed over 300 kids in poor rural areas in south america.

  7. The Black Dahlia was worthy of James Ellroy’s attention and this adaptation. Hopefully it will be well done. This era in Los Angeles was also very interesting, seems more than now, LA before the crowds but not before the color.

  8. Jean Ellroy. James Ellroy’s mother, murdered in 1958 – her body dumped on the side of a road in LA, the killer never found. Subject of the book “My Dark Places”, and the seed of James Ellroy’s lifelong obsession with the Black Dahlia.

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