Paul Frank VS Paul Frank…to the Death!

paulfrank.jpgDid you guys know that Paul Frank is no longer a part of Paul Frank Industries? I sure as hell didn’t. According to this Vanity Fair article, Frank the man split from Frank the company last year under hotly debated circumstances. As tends to happen, lawsuits followed and now everything’s a big mess. It’s obvious that both sides share several scoops of delicious blame, but this quote from John Oswald, one of the “suits,” is enough to make me tear my hair out…

“He had the best situation ever,” Oswald says. “He didn’t have to come to the office, he got paid exactly the same as we did, and we’re the ones who did all the work. He didn’t do anything, and he still quit. What am I missing here?”

Yeah, he didn’t do anything. Except create all of the intellectual property from whom’s teat your company suckles in perpetuity. Even if all he ever did was create Julius, he should still be receiving fat checks every month because now the company’s worth $40,000,000 and it’s all because of him. Of course, he won’t because he signed the rights to Julius over to Paul Frank Industries at some point. Bad move, Paul. Bad move.
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6 thoughts on “Paul Frank VS Paul Frank…to the Death!”

  1. The Paul Frank Store on 3rd Street totally sucks now. It is soulless and uninspired. You might as well be shopping at an expensive Old Navy. If they were smart they would stop the suit and beg him back.

    And you know, Scurvy is my friend…

  2. The Paul Frank Store on 3rd Street should be closed. The Melrose Store just opened. It relocated to Melrose because of you know why…

  3. “because now the company’s worth $40,000,000 and it’s all because of him.”

    I hate to argue with you but that’s a pretty loaded statement, and one with not much to back it up. Having worked directly with both Paul and Ryan over the last several years, and seen Paul Frank industries grow, first hand, from just another clothing company to one of the biggest things I’ve ever known people involved with, I’m fairly confident in saying that the company is what it is because of the hard work of ALL of the people there, and Julius never would have been anything more than a sketch in a bedroom if it wasn’t for the dedication that the other two partners put into building the company. This situation is a shame for several reasons, but Paul is no victim.

  4. This situation is a shame for several reasons, but Paul is no victim.

    I totally agree with you about that. Like I said, everybody seems to share some of the blame (especially Paul there the last few years) and I don’t mean to minimize the hard work and effort that I’m sure those employees everyone put in. Perhaps I should’ve said, less hyperbolically, “it’s all because of his creations” or something.

    But, while Julius might never have been more than a sketch without the efforts of his two business partners, those staple characters are all products of Paul’s creative output and the company wouldn’t exist without them and the derivative works created from them. Or, looking at it from another angle, if it’s just a matter of hard work and dedication then $40 million companies would be popping up left and right.

  5. That’s still making a pretty big assumption. Is everyone who has a company putting in the same dedication and hard work? And is every kid who draws a qute animal making a $40 million company? It’s an extreme arguement, but I think the huge design department that has been receiving a paycheck at PFI for the last 5 years, way before it was a $40 Million company, would argue about Paul’s level of impact. In fact they do, in the very article you are pointing to.

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