Bloggers Garage Sale you’re still in town and need something to do, how about stopping by the LA Bloggers Garage Sale. At the moment you’ll find weird crap from Carly Milne, Calpernia, lyregal, coreyspears, jason’sroom, michael, popbytes, william, danrenzi and peggy (I hope she doesn’t bring any of those couches) and probably others.

Join us starting at 11 AM on into the afternoon.
Saturday, September 2nd
636 N. Curson (just south of Melrose)

What I’m selling after the jump.

I’ve got a large collection of classic anodized aluminum tumblers and drinkware. Bright aluminum cups and bowls and even a few ice buckets. Great retro fun.

I’m also bringing some popular fiction novels, many in hardcover. Good for summer reading. Oh, wait, summer’s over.

I might bring some candy too, not to sell, just cuz I have it.

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