Wireless Glendale

It sounds like Glendale might be the next city in/around Los Angeles to offer free wireless internet for it’s residents. The Glendale News Press has the story which states that the City Council has officially backed the plan and are now looking at (and for more) proposals from vendors to see who can provide the best service for the city. This is super exciting, and I really can’t wait until the news is when a city doesn’t offer this kind of service.

5 thoughts on “Wireless Glendale”

  1. Both Culver City and Long Beach have free WiFi in downtown areas of the city, West Hollywood was also working on plans for it but no idea where those are at this point. Also several park areas in Los Angeles (Pershing square, etc.) have free WiFi.

  2. Having been a resident of Glendale for 5 years now, I doubt they would do anything to help out its citizens. And if it happens to be true, it will be slow, underfunded, mismanaged, and take five years to complete. There will be a heavy catch somewhere in the fine print.

  3. Anaheim is reportedly offering free wi-fi through Earthlink. Burbank has a “Downtown Hot Zone” that is one-mile square.

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