LASD Headed to Federal Court?

I’ve written before about California’s concealed weapons laws and how they are ripe for abuse. Rather than a set of standards that applicants must meet, the current law in CA puts the deciding factor in the hands of the local sheriff or police chief. Police chiefs often defer all applications to the sheriff’s department putting even more power in one person’s hands. The problem with this, is while the law states that these chiefs/sheriffs must have a set policy (the Orange Country Sheriff’s CCW policy is online here), there is little done in the way of enforcing a policy is adhered to. The policy should include what kind of applicant will be considered, and what requirements they must meet. The LAPD defers to the LASD and the LASD does not have a published policy, however due to the extremely low number of permits that have been issued in LA, as well as denial letters from the LASD and interviews with Sheriff Baca it’s fairly safe to assume that requirements that would grant a permit in other counties in the state will not be approved in Los Angeles. This would not be an issue if there was proof that this set of standards was applied across the board, but there have been accusations that celebrities, friends and campaign contributors are held to a different set of standards than the general public.

Now it seems that this is drawing the attention of Preston Guillory, a Riverside private investigator most well known for successfully taking the County of Orange to federal court over a similar situation in 1984 (Guillory vs. County of Orange aka Guillory vs. Gates). The US Court of appeals decided that then Sheriff Gates, and thus the County of Orange, were violating his constituional rights be denying him a concealed weapons permit. A similar case is now being built here in Los Angeles. Apparently a legal team is already in place and they are currently collecting plaintiffs to add to the suit. Postings on message boards across the state have been asking for people in Los Angeles with a ” solid need for a CCW that is related to their occupation/profession/legal lifestyle or situation that places them at risk.” For more info on this case, or if you think you should be a part of it, contact Mr. Guillory directly at [email protected] or (951) 352-2934.

For more info on gun control, gun rights and CCW laws nationwide, I suggest skipping all the crap and just watching this Penn & Teller video.

[Disclaimer: I have completed the required handgun safety training courses and currently hold a non-resident CCW license issued by the State of Florida, which is valid there as well as 29 other states. I also hold a very strong belief that the 2nd ammendment is just as important as the 1st.]