Oh, The Shark Has Pretty Teeth, Dear

shark_small.jpgWell, not so much this shark. He has really ugly teeth.

To the right is a clipped photo of a shark taken by my intrepid friend and colleague Michelle, last weekend in Marina Del Rey (click photo to go to the Flickr set). After a bit of searching, I found a CBS story on the subject. It seems Michelle had the fortune of driving along the 405 behind this particular shark, who was tied to the back of a boat, dripping blood and guts the whole way. She immediately whipped out her camera phone and snapped off a half-dozen photos, and had one of the best anecdotes ever to tell at the office on Monday.

Then, CNN today had a video link to the story of a 819 pound shark (which is, of course, not working with my Firefox browser because it’s an IE required clip) being caught off the California coast. Is it just me, or is there a major Baywatch-style shark epidemic right now? Are they, like much marine life, just more active at the end of the summer?

8 thoughts on “Oh, The Shark Has Pretty Teeth, Dear”

  1. Call me sentimental, but the whole story made me really sad. Tell me they’re at least going to eat the sharkmeat. It’d be such a waste to kill such a magnificent fish and then stuff it or something.

  2. Call me sentimental AND disgusted over such disrespect shown to such an awesome creature. To drag it down the freeway displayed in such a manner is pathetic.

  3. I didn’t even think of the disrespect involved – but I would have freaked out in outrage if it had been an orca, or a dolphin – goes to show how much cuteness prejudice I have.

    We were also wondering if killing sharks was even legal – are they endangered or at least protected?

  4. Damn that book and movie. I eat meat and do all kinds of things PETA would disapprove of – but blame a few summers working at an aquarium – I HATE anti-shark bullshit, shark jewlery, shark steaks. I like sharks and they get a bum rap.

  5. Ahhh good times on the 405…I think this is one of the stangest things I have seen in my life. Poor sharkey…

  6. Makos are a favorite of sportfishermen because they’re acrobatic and HUGE. They actually jump out of the water when chasing prey. That can be as much as 1,200 lbs.

    It’s thought that the can live as long as 30 years, though 20 is more likely. Females give birth to live young.

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