Wikiamapia – Los Angeles

wikimapia.jpgHave you checked out Wikimapia? It’s an open source Google Maps mashup.

You can just browse what people have labeled, you can search the map and even add to it. Check out what’s been going on with the labeling of Los Angeles.

Some of the labels are obvious things, like landmarks and interchanges, but others are fascinating little tidbits like a stretch of Western in San Pedro that someone seems to think folks drive to fast on.

The only thing that I don’t like about it so far is that you can’t draw irregular shapes. Everything is rectangular. I’d like to be able to put legislative, district and council borders on there, but it’s just not possible at the moment. How cool would that be? You just find your house and you can see at a glance where your police station is, who your city councilperson is, who your state rep is and so on.

6 thoughts on “Wikiamapia – Los Angeles”

  1. Okay, I’ve been a map freak since I was a kid. I collect old maps for godknowswhatreason. I’m the guy who doesn’t have any problem spending an hour (or more) on Google maps “visiting” other places.

    So Wikimapia is way cool. I’ve already added two entries for Burbank. I may not get any sleep tonight, but at least the L.A. area will have better annotation.

  2. 5000! – don’t you have to download Google Earth?

    Josh – yeah, I know there’s some nice features on the LACity site, but a really well described map would include fed stuff and maybe what watershed you’re in and other non-governmental commentary.

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