Daytime Camping Isn’t the Problem

Last week I heard Chief Bratton on KPCC’s Talk of the City blame the homeless problem in skid row on the ACLU’s fight to stop the LAPD from enforcing the no daytime camping rule. I then read this editorial in the Times that basically espoused the same idea that the city can’t do anything about the homeless problem if they can’t arrest or at least force to move people who are sleeping on the street. The people who are sleeping in tents and cardbaord boxes on skid row aren’t doing it because they want to, it isn’t some fun summer camp out, they don’t have anywhere else to go. It is true that nobody should have to sleep on the sidewalk in a tent or otherwise, but arresting people or forcing them to move on isn’t a solution to the problem. If the LAPD wants to help the displaced masses in skid row, they need to continue to target the predators who take advantage of the homeless, namely the drug dealers. If we want to change skid row into a place where the homeless can get help and turn their lives around it is going to cost money, billions of dollars, and it will be in our hands this fall to decide if we are willing to put our tax dollars towards this noble cause. I for one will be voting in favor of MAV’s billion dollar housing bond.