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As Will mentioned the other day, local video blogger Daryl Hannah was working on post about bikes, biking in LA, and the culture surrounding it. The piece which focuses on Critial Mass is online now and has some great footage of biking around LA, although it looks like the Midnight Ridazz stuff ended up on the editing room floor.

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  1. There’s also some stuff in there from the NELA Art ride. She must’ve gone on Saturday because she wasn’t there last month.

  2. If you look quickly there is some Midnight Ridazz stuff in there (although it’s not specifically mentioned), including footage of the start of last week’s ride on Los Feliz, and a shot of the “Bikes on the Street” patch given away at the Ridazz two year anniversary.

  3. Yeah, she mentioned on Friday that she’d be going to the Bike Oven and I saw somee quick clips from Midnight Ridazz in what she posted. Shame she hasn’t added a companion blog to her vlogging endeavors.

  4. Darryl Hannah did show up at the Bike Oven. She was there for a women-only bike repair day that is run by C.I.C.L.E., with some help from our local bike guru Harv.

    Quite a few women showed up, and Darryl Hannah standing in my driveway was a pretty cool surprise (I was out getting stuff for the Spoke(n) Art Ride afterparty). I remember her from the film “Splash!” with Tom Hanks. What a hottie!

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