Greatest Fictional Angelenos: The Guide

Determining the top 25 fictional Angelenos was no easy task, even knowing that it would be impossible to claim this as authoritative. For example, there were rules, such as only one character per movie, TV, or book series or franchise could be included. And every author had their own standard for what qualified these characters as “great” Angelenos (was it notoriety in pop culture, achievments as a citizen in their fictional world, or something else?)

After much discussion among Metblogs authors, we compiled a large list of candidates, then used an internal poll to determine who would be included, and where in the list they’d appear… and a little editorial mojo to select tiebreakers and to ensure that certain archetypes didn’t get piled alongside each other too much.

Finally, the posts were unveiled, five per day, for five days, to both the angst and impatience of readers eager to hear who was next and the frustration over their personal picks appearing too soon, or not at all.

The nice thing about this project is that it could be revisited again… but for now, the list:

#25: Alice Nelson

#24: Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher

#23: Henry Chinaski

#22: Roger Rabbit

#21: Bill S. Preston, Esq.

#20: Jim Rockford

#19: Sydney Ann Bristow

#18: Pee Wee Herman

#17: Harris K. Telemacher

#16: Jupiter Jones

#15: Rick Deckard

#14: Breezy

#13: Ralph Furley

#12: Morris Buttermaker

#11: Cher Horowitz

#10: Norma Desmond

#9: Jules Winnfield

#8: Johnny “Drama” Chase

#7: Sgt. Joe Friday

#6: Hiro Protagonist

#5: Fred G. Sanford

#4: Weetzie Bat

#3: Philip Marlowe

#2: Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski

#1: Kesuke Miyagi