Greatest Fictional Angelenos #6: Hiro Protagonist

Name: Hiro Protagonist
Residence: one of the Burbclaves
Area code: What? Who’s franchising those?
Former Occupation: Pizza delivery boy for Uncle Enzo’s CosaNostra Pizza
Current Occupation: hacker, swordsman, co-inventer of the metaverse, intelligence broker

All hopped up on his quest for Snow Crash – is it a computer virus or a real-world drug? It’s both!

Hobbies include researching Sumerian mythology and spending time with Y.T. (aka Yours Truly).

Although he’s a member and friend of Mr. Lee’s Greater Hong Kong franchise, his wallet is still pitifully light on Kongbucks.

::Credit to *elflling for the image::
:: More Credit to our own Colleen Wainwright for creating all the card templates!::

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12 thoughts on “Greatest Fictional Angelenos #6: Hiro Protagonist”

  1. Ruth666, usually I don’t *get* you, or your posting existence at In this case, though, I must *salute* you. Best fictional angeleno yet.

  2. How did you guys pick them? Was there a group poll among the bloggers? Names in a hat? Dart board? Did you rochambeau?

  3. What’s with the bagging on Ruth? I think there needs to be a sorry involved here. That could have been shared in private and not on the comments.

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