Greatest Fictional Angelenos #15: Rick Deckard Rick Deckard
Last Seen: The Bradbury Building, Ninth Sector. N.F. 46751, fleeing on foot
Registration Number: B26354
Occupation: Blade Runner

Rick Deckard had retired more replicants than any Blade Runner in the LAPD Rep-Detect unit when he unexpectedly resigned. But when a crew of Nexus-6 skin jobs brutally murdered their off-world owners and came to L.A., Deck was called back to hunt them down.

He’s been seen haunting DNA Row and Animoid Row down in Sector Seven, carrying his trusty Voight-Kampff case. He even took out a skin job that was menacing a crowd in front of Taffey Lewis’s bar. Lately, he’s been known to shown up at the Tyrell Pyramid, often in the company of glamorous Tyrell scion Rachael Tyrell. Though word on the street is she might be a skin job, too.

Tough break, Deck. It’s too bad she won’t live. But then again, who does?

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