Why I’m Not A Pet Detective

So my most recent involvement in coming to the aid of animals has turned out way much better than my previous attempt, but today’s doggie drama only shos me I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me if I ever hope to make detective.

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/07/dog1-thumb.jpgIt all started out while walking my own magnificent mutt Shadow this morning on Bellevue along our regular long loop through lower Silver Lake and passing by a house whose deck had not previously hosted any animals but was now featuring a smallish and yappy white terrier-mix type dawg that I couldn’t get too good a look at. A bit further down at the corner of Silver Lake Boulevard and Bellevue I saw the lightpost flyer (at right) one of many blanketing the neighborhood. Stitching two and two together however tenuously I dialed up the number and told the woman that answered that it was a sketchy lead at best but perhaps it might maybe might be her lost dog that I just glancingly saw. She was grateful for the info however flimsy and after giving her directions to come check it out for herself I wished her luck and Shadow and I continued onward.

Fast forward and we’re up on Sunset Boulevard near the 99-cents store and low-and-behold there’s a posting (after the jump) for a found dog that’s smallish, whitish, terrier-ish. Too good to be true-ish?

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/07/dog2-thumb.jpgGranted the dogs in the pictures don’t bear out much of a resemblance, but dangit the body type is similar and for all I know the snapshots could be years apart. I grab my own pixels of the poster and proceed, punching in the top phone number on my cell as we go, but I stop short and decide to wait before calling anyone until we get home so that I can make a better comparison of the two canines on a bigger screen than my camera’s display.

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/07/dog3-thumb.jpgBut then a few more blocks down I find this updated version of the first flyer and hell if the pictures of that same animal make it look like two different ones — and on top of that the finders in the second flyer make reference to their dog as being recently groomed and this new lost poster states that animal now has its summer haircut.

Can it be? Well this time I punch up the finder’s phone number without hesitation and getting voicemail explain that I’ve got my fingers crossed in that perhaps the dog they’ve found is the same lost dog I’ve seen on other flyers. I leave that number wish them good luck and hang up thinking to myself wouldn’t that just be freakin’ awesome (and for the record I have absolutely no interest in the purported reward).

But alas, any reuniting was not to be. Once I got home and had a chance to review the images more closely (and calmly) I discovered that the found dog is a female whereas according to the updated lost poster that one’s a male. Oh well… Ace Ventura I may not be, but at least it’s not for lack of trying.

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  1. Awww I thought you were gonna tell us you found Nico! I have seen those flyers all over, and they have made me so freaking sad. I too have been keeping an eye out for him (as most of us pet owners probably tend to do when we see these flyers).

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