Tuesday is the 23rd Annual “America’s Night Out Against Crime'”

The nationwide event is being held here in Los Angeles on Tuesday, August 1st, from 6pm to 9pm… leading me to believe this should actually be called the “National Evening Out” (doesn’t night officially begin after 9pm?). The LAPD Blog provides the details:

Traditionally, “lights on” and front porch vigils have been ways to participate in the annual event, however, activities have expanded to include block parties, cookouts, parades, police station open houses, festivals, neighborhood walks, safety fairs, contests, rallies and meetings.

The LAPD also provides a .pdf with dozens of events citywide.

Sherman Oaks “nerd” Zach Behrens’ blog “In the Oaks” points out that many of these events are neighborhood specific, so you might want to check for activities open to the general public.

As far as I know, there are about four block parties happening around Sherman Oaks, but I won’t list them since they are really for the neighbors on those specific street.

But the one public one is open at the Sherman Oaks Galleria which begins at 7 p.m.

UPDATE: Zach also points out that the Atwater Village Newbie (also a christened “nerd”) has coverage on his ‘hood’s Tuesday night activities.

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