The Scoop on Where to Go When Arclight’s Website Doesn’t Work


I love the Arclight (oh boy do I ever) but their website, not so much. It’s been discussed here on that their site has some unnecessary difficulties more than should be allowed. Last night went online to see what time Scoop was playing today and though most stuff was working, the performance times were not. When I clicked onto the Scoop page it gave me this: Performance Data Currently Unavailable for Selected Date. This of course means no buying tickets in advance online but, though I love Woody Allen, I seriously doubt it’s going to be sold out.

Anyway, the moral of this story – when your first and most obvious try doesn’t work, try again. That’s how I got the “scoop” and found Los Angeles Movie Times dot com (you won’t begrudge my pun will you?). It’s part of Mr. Movie Times and a bit generic but, hey, at least now I know what time Scoop is playing. And for the record that’s: 1:05, 3:15, 5:35, 8:15, 10:25

8 thoughts on “The Scoop on Where to Go When Arclight’s Website Doesn’t Work”

  1. You can also get Arclight times from the major ticket engines like Moviefone. The problem is that you can’t buy tickets from them. But at least you know what the times are.

    Is it me, or has the Arclight staff become very nasty in the past couple months? It’s like Clerks has become the training film.

  2. After previous trouble with the Arclight website and Woody Allen’s first Scarlett Johansson venture, “Match Point” I’ll be avoiding both.

  3. Match Point was a bit odd, wasn’t it? I thought that it was so strange to 1) watch a Woody Allen movie without ANY humor in it and 2) to hear his dialogue being spoken by British people – it took on a whole different meaning than when spoken by New Yorkers. That’s why I’m excited to see Scoop – a Woody Allen comeday with Ian MacShane!!! But I’ll take Crimes and Misdameanors rather than Match Point any day.

  4. Speaking of Woody Allen, my friends and I discovered at the cemetery screening this weekend that his neurotic cocktail dialogue works best when the viewer is also drunk and rambling in a social environment.

  5. Ooooo! McShane’s in Scoop!? The favbulous Mr. Swearingen?! That may tip me into bumping it over onto my Netflix list to be watched very warily.

  6. I’ve found the Arclight website to be generally uselss when ordering tickets. If I really want to see something there, I just stop by to buy the advance tix in person. Plus, it gives me an excuse to hit Amoeba.

  7. BEOPENGUIN brings up a good observation. Sometime during the last year the quality of the Arclight’s staff has plummeted to a horrible low. During my last few trips I’ve been treated with downright contempt for interrupting employee conversations at the concessions stand, and been in movies where people were allowed to enter long after the “five minute rule” that the management loves to trumpet.

  8. I haven’t had any issues with staff but generally I buy a ticket online, print it out, and seat myself so I haven’t had much interaction with them. However, a girl at the concession stand wasn’t too helpful to this man in front of me buying popcorn during Clerks II but he was being a real jerk so I thought it was justified. Since I have to, gasp, buy my ticket in person, I’ll see how I get treated tonight and report back!

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