Los Angeles is America’s Birdiest County


Los Angeles is now officially for the birds…

Earlier in July LA a new honor was bestowed unto the city as it was named “America’s Birdiest County.” Now, I am all too aware that Los Angeles is full of birds – I have a few who chirp outside my window at all hours of the night making me wish that I’d just order the Bird B Gone and be done with it. However, I accept that living in LA means taking the nature with the city and, in reality, it’s what I love most about living here.

The San Diego Audobon Society created this event for the title of “America’s Birdiest County” three years ago. The purpose is simple – cities/counties compete for this title with dozens “birders” scouting their city during a 72 hour period for various bird species. This past April 28-30, birders in Los Angeles located a whopping 265 bird species – and we beat San Diego only by four species! Natural History Museum Ornithology Collections Manager Kimball L. Garrett says that although they do not carry the pretense of valuable science these birding excercies do however “…underscore the tremendous biological diversity in the Los Angeles region.”

Results are as follows:

County Categories (with number of species identified):
Coastal County: Los Angeles, CA 265
Coastal Gulf County: Nueces County, TX 255
Coastal Atlantic County: Richmond County, NY 160
Inland County: Kern County, CA 247
Inland County, Central Flyway: Bexar County, TX 205
Inland County, Atlantic Flyway: (all Eastern entries were coastal)

Image is of Costa’s Hummingbird which was one of the species counted in LA County.

Update: see Eecue’s post on blogging.la about the birds from last week!

7 thoughts on “Los Angeles is America’s Birdiest County”

  1. why do the birds in LA chirp at all hours? back where i come from they only chirp when the sun starts coming up, sometimes when i hear chirping at 3 in the morning on a late night i lose track of time and panic thinking the sun might be coming up already.

  2. I have no idea why they chirp all night long but it bugs the hell out of me too. I also grew up in a normal place where birds chirped in the morning therefore, when I hear them at midnight in LA, my body/mind is thinking, crap it’s 6am. Ugh!!!

  3. When you wrote “…a new honor was bestowed unto the city as it was named ‘America’s Birdiest County,'” did you mean to confuse the City with the County. It’s true: San Fransisco is both a County and a City within the same boundary, but Los Angeles is different. The City, though the largest in the County, may not have all the fowl that are found in the County communities of Antelope Valley, Malibu, and out in Agoura.

  4. Yes, LA City Nerd, I understand the county/city thing. Didn’t mean to confuse the two – LA county is the birdiest but with LA city being within LA county, my sentence makes sense. Thanks for your efforts in editing blogging.la though!

  5. I’m gonna guess they chirp at all hours because urban Los Angeles is never truly DARK.

    The one time in the city that I saw complete, utter darkness was when the lights went off because of the Northridge earthquake.

    The birds were quiet then. Ha! That’ll show them!…wait…that’s not quite right…

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