Lana Kim (Pet Photographer) on Apartment Therapy

On Apartment Therapy’s Los Angeles section, Gregory interviews Los Angeles-based pet-photographer (as well as one of the kindest people I know) Lana Kim. This girl is seriously talented and I’m not just saying that because my dog Lebowski has been her subject and his pic is featured in her interview (he’s the cutie in the middle).

For many of us, animals are not just “pets”, but beloved family members whom we treat just like fellow humans companions (sometimes better). We play together, eat together, takes naps together, and grow old together. Visit most any proud pet owner’s home and it’s very likely they’ve got an assortment of personal photos of their pet pal prominently displayed throughout their home. Our pets say as much about us and our lifestyle as our homes themselves.

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  1. Caryn, I was hoping you’d catch Lebowski’s adorable mug on the site. Had to make him front and center :)

    Lucinda: Lana’s contact information is included at the end of the entry.

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