Fuck The Back Row!


Boston-based duo The Dresden Dolls (MySpace) are back in town this week, with shows at The Grove of Anaheim on Monday and The Wiltern LG on Wednesday. The LA Weekly has a preview of Wednesday’s show:

Sometimes an appetizer is so tasty, the entreé just doesn’t matter. Such could be said of the menu for tonight’s show, as the deliciously talented duo the Dresden Dolls occupy a support slot that’s, if nothing else, eyebrow-raising. Vocalist-keyboardist Amanda Palmer and drummer Brian Viglione open for Las Vegas-bred Panic! at the Disco in a billing order that unfortunately favors Clear Channel popularity over quality. Nevertheless, a live performance of the Dresden Dolls is so chillingly visceral, so wild with emotional range and so thick with wit, that conceivably any headliner could justify a trek to see their set.

But the real entertainment will come after their Wiltern show on Wednesday night, with “Fuck The Back Row! A Night of Short Films and Dadaist Vaudeville” at Cinespace (more info here and here), hosted by the L.A.-based Prince Poppycock, featuring Kitty Diggins (MySpace) and Mr. Uncertain (MySpace), and concluding with a special performance by Amanda Palmer (who recently did a karaoke verité video of Aberdeen City’s “God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me”; link via Stereogum):

A program consisting of short films selected from submissions by the Dolls feverishly creative fan base will be peppered with thought provoking vaudeville antics in cities across America. Amanda Palmer herself will cap off the night in typical piano-destroying fashion, singing songs culled from popular and not-so-popular film soundtracks (expect John Hughes, Pink Floyd AND Disney Classics. Deep Throat? Oklahoma? She’s still working on it).

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Curated by long-time collaborator and indie film-iconoclast Michael Pope (director of the band’s award-winning videos and live DVD), and BriAnna Olson (producer of the band’s music video ‘Sing’) these film shorts are a mixture of high art, humor, sexiness and downright weirdness. Including never-before-seen band documentary footage and amazing fan-made music videos inspired by and set to the music of The Dresden Dolls, this program is a celebration of true underground filmmaking.

True to punk cabaret form, The Dolls will be calling on their vast network of local performance artists to deck out the local venues, which have been lovingly handpicked for this event, with suitable decor. Every city promises to be a unique event including local MC’s, artist installations, theater groups and other oddball performance artists who will beguile the crowds with entre-act entertainment.

This will be a truly intimate, bizarre cinematic experiment not to be missed!!

As of this writing, tickets are sold out, but from what I understand, they will be available at the door. According to a recent bulletin (link expired) posted on The Dresden Dolls’ MySpace page, “People have been asking if tickets will be available at the door. The answer is yes, they will be available, although (as always) you will want to get there early to guarantee entrance.”