Coolin’ Off a Little in LA


Did you feel it this weekend? Nope, it wasn’t the miserable hot, stinky, sticky, humid, on-fire, oh-my-I’m-gonna-die heat Los Angeles experience for much of last week. Rather it was breezy, partly cloudy and, dare I say it, even cool? It’s as if LA was back to being its old self – thankfully! A look on (see image) shows that we’re in the lucky part of the country as the west seems to be the only portion that’s even tolerable. According to the site, this heat wave is really heating up the mid-west and heading east which is selfishly ok with me. My favorite source for weather,, says this week is pretty much going to be the same in LA this week – a little cloudy, high 70s/low 80s, which is just hot it ought to be!

Now, I’m not going to break out my hoodie just yet because we have been told this heat is going to last through until fall but I am beyond thrilled that I don’t feel like I’m sitting in an oven anymore.

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