2007 L.A. Marathon Course Drastically Altered

The L.A. Marathon’s website is down as I type this, but I just received an email from Devine Sports (owners of the L.A. Marathon; their website is also down) stating that the course has undergone a drastic alteration for the 2007 marathon scheduled for March 4:

“Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa today unveiled the first point-to-point course in L.A Marathon history and its new start line at Universal Studios Hollywood.”

There’s nothing that I can find announcing the new route on the city’s website and I’m not sure what the hell a point-to-point course is or why it was decided to change it so monumentally, but I’ll withhold any preliminary umbrage until I can get more information.

UPDATE (1:33 p.m.): The various sites are back up. Here’s the press release from Devine Sports. And here’s the PDF that maps out the new course (thanks, huphtur!).

UPDATE (3:19 p.m.): My worries about the marathon’s bike tour look to be realized. The media contact reports that while not finalized it is expected that the bike tour will “start and finish near the marathon start line” meaning that cyclists will be dealing with finishing their ride via that wonderful climb up and over Cahuenga Pass. What a great way to warm up for those of us planning to do the bike event and the marathon (and by “great” I mean “suckass” and by “warm up” I mean “burn out”).

8 thoughts on “2007 L.A. Marathon Course Drastically Altered”

  1. Their site is back up and I looked at the new course.

    I can’t say how miffed I am that you start at Universal City and end up downtown, I really like the idea of ending where I started, but then again I’ve never done a point to point. The course seems really Hollywood-centric, spending about 10 miles there. (Which I’ll grant you are nice flat miles.)

    Still, I’m willing to give it a try come March if you are!

  2. I just started running (essentially a work requirement, damn freelance gigs)… I peter out after a mile and half. So you marathoners are INSANE!

  3. You think that’s insane David, I’m registered to do both the bike tour and the marathon next March.

    I’ve contacted the media link at the end of the press release but at this point no one’s talking (or probably knows) about what the new bike tour route might be or if there will be continued support (as has been done in the past two events) for those of us lunatic “duathletes.”

    My hope would be they’ll somehow manage to make any new bike tour route a loop (or perhaps even keep the same route as the past couple years beginning and ending at USC). But if it does go a new route looping back to the beginning at Universal Studios, climbing the Cahuenga Pass at the end will be a lovely pain in the ass; and if they structure it to end downtown then it’ll be a pain getting to the marathon’s start line.

    Whatever is done, the 18,000-20,000 or more runners/walkers at the marathon staging area in Universal Studios is going to be stark raving madness. Talk about gridlock.

  4. Point to point? Rubbish! That means a whole host of new logistical nightmares for organizers and runners. What a dumb idea . . . .

  5. Point to point, I think, may actual solve some logistical nightmares. Mainly, this gives runners the option of parking either at the startline at Universal, which has plenty of parking options to begin with, or back downtown. The subways will be running free that day, providing quick and easy transport before and after the race.

    For a bike tour, point to point will clearly be a little more difficult, so it’ll be interesting to see how that portion is handled.

  6. I agree CD. Not only is it a logistical nightmare for the people involved, but for the entire region. When you look at it on the map the route basically erects a great big old barricade from the Hollywood Hills on down to South L.A. If you live anywhere from East Hollywood down to USC you better get out early and stay out or make sure you stock up on extra supplies because going anywhere is going to be a huge pain.

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