Jill Greenberg Gets Someone To Smile

jg.jpgThe currrent issue of Wired magazine’s been on my desk for a few days and in finally getting around this morning to flipping through it I took a good long look at the cover featuring Stephen Colbert. Something about the lighting looked vaguely and disconcertingly familiar and sure enough a few pages in there was a photo of Jill Greenberg on the mag’s contributors page holding an orangutan, which may or may not have been abruptly yanked from her grasp touching off a tantrum.

Coincidentally in today’s L.A. Times Calendar section are a number of letters from readers reacting to the paper’s July 24 feature story on Greenberg and the controversy stirred by the subject matter of her “End Times” exhibit.

8 thoughts on “Jill Greenberg Gets Someone To Smile”

  1. I have an aunt that has a bit of a time pronouncing the letter “L” in various words. Kind of funny. I guess I just omit them in typing on occasion. Sorry Mr. Colbert!

  2. Also LA-related in that issue of wired is a writeup of a concert at the Wiltern by a japanese band called Dir en grey – first US tour – sold out in 36 hours with zero advertising / promoton. Some of you may have driven by a bunch of gothed out kids waiting in line as much as 24 hours before.

  3. What I want to know is why have you had the new issue of Wired on your desk for a few days and it has yet to show up in my mailbox? Between that, and the fact that all of the content gets published online, sometimes before I even get the print copy, I sometimes think I need to cancel that subscription.

  4. 5000! I had the same problem with Wired, and when I called to complain they said it was because I was getting the magazine at a special rate. At the time I was receiving an issue days before, and on one occasion after, an even newer issue would hit the newstands. I told them to either cancel my subscription or bump up the delivery date – and they complied.

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