The Passion of the Booze

I guess making millions of dollars on a Jesus snuff film would drive any questionably sane person to drink, but then to get in the car and drive at an “excessively fast speed” is vehicular blasphemy. Mel Gibson, whom I can never take seriously after the south park episode he “guest starred” in, was arrested today (I’m guessing early in the morning) on misdemeanor charges of drunk driving.

4 thoughts on “The Passion of the Booze”

  1. Hah, are you sure it wasn’t a “German guy named Dietrich” behind the wheel? As in the mystery man behind ENZO-GATE.

  2. His wikipedia entry characterizes him as a teetotaler. I wonder if supports this perception. Maybe this was his first drunk ever. Also, what does sedevacantism say about intoxication?

  3. It’s def not his first time. It is known that he had a major coke problem (and alcohol) back in the ’80’s.

  4. Well this is kind of in response to the first persons comment and a general comment. He did not make money of the passion of the christ he donated the money to charity and churches. Second of all he is human and makes mistakes just like anyone else. I dont agree with drinking and driving but calling the officer sweet tits was too dang funny.

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