The Moon is Bright Tonight

million dollar faux moon

Wait a second… isn’t it a waxing crescent tonight?

Update / Clarification This photo was taken from my loft window, we had to put the cats in the bathroom so they wouldn’t fall 8 stories to the ground (one of them is really clumsy). The street looks empty because it is a combination of 3 long exposures taken from my Canon EOS 20D, but there were cars driving by around midnight when I took this.

9 thoughts on “The Moon is Bright Tonight”

  1. According to my Werewolf Monitor Widget, yes it’s a waxing crescent tonight. That picture must be of the Hollywood Moon, aka big-ass film crew lights.

  2. Great photo. But now I wanna know the story behind the pic. What time was that since it doesn’t look like there’s any traffic and what the hell were you doing where you were. Secret drug exchange or your car was parked atop some roof?

  3. Yo! LA Terresstrials!(sp)
    Love your pics! I am in Fort Wayne Indiana and am looking at something similar. I had a need to share it with someone. Perhaps it has moved east I am not Gallileo.
    Thats ALL

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