MTA meets Haywood Jablowme

Last night the IAAL/MAF set out on what was to be our most ambitious evening ride to date. Will Campbell had mapped out an exciting 23 mile rought he was calling Going for the Gold due in part, or in entirety, because 9 miles of that route was planned to be aboard the MTA Gold line. This turned out to be the fatal flaw in the plan, because even though the MTA brags about welcoming bikes on their trains the routes were just too packed. Will writes about the situation:


Then it all went dreadfully wrong. The train arrived — and on time, too — but it was only two cars in length and filled pretty much to capacity. Certainly it had room for seven more passengers, but not seven passengers with bikes.

So we opted not to board and instead waited out the 18-minute interval until the next scheduled train. But lo, what yonder doth I see, but a three-car Gold Liner coming towards us out of the darkness only a scant few minutes after the 8:34 train left the station? Alas, “Out Of Service” is emblazoned on its marquee and it screeches on by us. When the 8:54 arrives it’s the same story of two cars, these with even more people than the first. Common sense prevailed and we opted not to board and thus abandoned hope of getting to, and riding home from, Pasadena. And sure enough shortly after that train departed, another three-car “Out Of Service” train scooted by as if mocking me.

I was bummed to say the least. Then I was angry. Where’s the freakin’ logic in cramming passengers into two compartment while the empty triple trains are left to haunt the rails like ghosts of what might have been?

Bummed, and a buck twenty five poorer we finally gave up and made our way over the 110 bike route and then back to Little Tokyo bitching about the MTA the entire way. Of course we’re already planning a new route including the Red Line. We’ll see…

4 thoughts on “MTA meets Haywood Jablowme”

  1. honestly i wouldnt dream of trying to fit 7 bikes on the gold line to begin with.

  2. I want to personally commend your “gang” for not yanking innocents off the train to accommodate your machines. Such actions could have repercussions for those of us bikers not belonging to a pack of two wheeled marauders.

  3. That’s a real bummer to hear. We have been touting the Gold line as an alternative route to Pasadena for our monthly So Cal Wireless users Group meetings . Especially because the meeting place is one block from the end of the Gold line. We meet in the evenings often until 11:00 or later. That the trains are overcrowded and under-car’ed after the rush hour is lame.

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