10 thoughts on “Fluffy Kitty Model Releases on File”

  1. as much as i DO love cute animal pictures (and honestly, i truly do)….. im just wondering–what exactly does this have to do with LA? or anything at all? please dont tell me i have a stick up my ass because i dont mean to offend. but seeing as how this is supposed to be a los angeles-oriented blog, i just thought i’d ask…

  2. All true, and I would have posted the same info had Sean not beaten me to it this morning.

    (and certainly the photo was taken/kitties live in LA!)

  3. This is the 3rd in a row of not relevant to the reader posts from you.

    These kinds of posts are rather more suitable for a personal blog.

  4. Carmen – I’d actually argue that this post is only relevant to the reader, and would make no sense on a personal blog. And, perhaps I missed it, but I don’t recall seeing your name on the blogging.la style guide which deictates what goes here and what doesn’t.

  5. Sean, I’m sure you know that alienating the reader is not the best way to keep the style guide relevant.

    From Metroblogging’s Terms of Service: “Play nice, karma is a bitch.”

  6. sean, i appreciate your replies to us readers, but we’re trying to give you real feedback. i didnt leave my first reply to make anyone upset or to be “whiny.” like carmen, i too felt that this particular post was more appropriate for a personal blog. it’s not relevant for your broader audience if they’re looking for information on real happenings in los angeles, and it doesn’t help the quality of metroblogging LA, either.

    a lot of readers, including myself, enjoy reading LA blogs. some of your posts are very witty, informative, and insightful. but we reserve the right to leave comments if we think something can be improved upon. and of course you can agree or disagree with us–i understand that it’s impossible to cater to everyone’s complaints and demands.

    but please DON’T make us feel alienated by giving rude and defensive replies. sometimes we are just simply trying to help. please respect our thoughts and play fair.

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