Ugh – Turn Down Your Body Language Already


Just because there’s no one else in your party doesn’t mean you’re ALONE. People still have to look at you.

You might want to close your legs and/or sit up.

24 thoughts on “Ugh – Turn Down Your Body Language Already”

  1. You cut me to the quick.

    And I’m not short; I was sitting in the booth across from him.

  2. Ha! You wanted him!! What a waste of space. Post this crap on your own blog. This ain’t the Vice do/don’t list!!!!! Jesus.

  3. I agree with Caryn, excellent pic, but gotta say — certainly a tad more politely than others who’ve commented here, yeesh! — I’d be all in support for the closing of the legs thing if he were facing you Ruth. But it’s not like his slouchy knees-wide-shut position is distracting anything other than that veneer paneling in front of him.

  4. Yeah, it looks like Duder’s just too tall for that spot. He’s also leaning back with his arms crossed in front of him: probably either preoccupied or frustrated. It’s an anxious, vaguely angry posture. Something upset him.

    Poor dude. Maybe it *is* the shirt.

  5. Well, he is sitting alone. When I used to ride pub transportation in the Bay Area I’d occasionally get some guy sitting next to me with his legs spread wide open and one leg practically on top of mine. I’m sure they didn’t even realize they were doing it. Some people just forget or don’t care that they should be gracious about sharing public spaces.

  6. Wait, so its not ok to sit that way? man….

    hehe I think the dude is just angry and tall…and has a poor fashion sense.

  7. sorry, i agree with donald–lame and snarky.

    i think this guy is just way too tall to squeeze into his seat.

  8. Perhaps if you had ever hung out with a person over 6 feet tall, or if you had 2 cents worth of empathy, you would understand that that chair is a fixed distance from the counter, and our friend probably can’t fit his knees directly in front of him unless he sits ramrod-straight like a Mr. Prissy Pants–which he is under no obligation to do, as he is by himself at a diner and not trying to amuse or impress you.

    This whole surreptitiously-photograph-strangers-and-post-the-pictures-for-your-friends-to-mock thing seems kind of…not sporting, doesn’t it? I know I wouldn’t want people posting my every slouch or misstep to a citywide blog–or my readable license plate number, while we’re on the subject.

    I know the post is supposed to be funny, I guess, but this is a real guy, and he really isn’t hurting anybody–and my guess is that he sure didn’t know you were going to put him and his shirt on the internet. Hell, he even seems to have washed his hair today, which puts him at least a couple of notches above most of the people I saw.

  9. i agree with the two above. it just kind of smacks of being SO much cooler than thou, with perfect posture and very, very clever. sorry, i’m jumping on the bandwagon.

    see, that is my issue with versus the other metroblogging sites and the other “LA blogs.” i remember sean writing something a year or so ago that BLA was so much better because it had different voices and not a unified front or something to that effect. (i do not intend to misquote. tell me i’m wrong if you want.) unlike the other metroblogging sites, these voices are not really constructive or instructive as the other forty-whatever sites. maybe they just SEEM to digress into bitching and complaining about life in the big city and people’s posture more. i dunno, i don’t have all the answers or the time to really do the subject a complete annotated article.

    so why do i come back and just not turn on the channel or read it if i’m so offended or whatever? again, i don’t know, i look at car crashes when i pass them too.

  10. I have to say I find the original post … and the ensuing posts afterwards … a little disturbing. What did this fella do to warrant such a public flogging? As a photo, I actually like the image — but, please, get rid of the snarky headline. This post feels like an invasion of his privacy, and it’s a bit disrespectful to post it on the Internet (without his knowledge, I assume). More over, the reaction from those who have posted runs from lukewarm to clearly agitated. I mean, it all feels a little like high school where the mean kids poke fun at people behind their backs. I didn’t like it then, and I don’t like it now.

  11. we’re all grown up, i think we can handle it. besides, that photo is brilliant.

  12. yeah! this is LA! if you’re ugly or awkward, stay home!

    don’t give our photogenic city and its beautiful people a bad rap. and please, oh please don’t haunt our hipster diners in silverlake unless you’re worthy. i mean seriously, we DO have to look at you. spare us the pain.

  13. just because something is in silverlake doesn’t make it a “hipster” thing. the astro? c’mon.

  14. I don’t care too much for overenthusiastic surveillance, whether it’s done by the government or citizens with bad judgment.

    I enjoy reading your blog, so it gives me no pleasure to have to be rude to you: Stop your goddamn surveillance.

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