See My LA, Mr. Takei


LA Inc. – the convention and tourism bureau – has a current LA promotional campaign called See My LA (doesn’t that sound dirty?). They truly extend beyond the LA stereotype and have celebrities quoting something about their city complete with pictures such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Eva Longoria, and even Barbie are on there. But the one I like best is George Takei – he’s so awesome and I absolutely want to see Sulu’s Los Angeles!

4 thoughts on “See My LA, Mr. Takei”

  1. Yeah…those buses and subway cars are sooooo jammed packed with celebrities I can never get on. Mr. Sulu is so right, that Gold Line travel at 10 mph is awesome.

  2. I think the “MY LA” campaign gets to the heart of what we’ve been talking about in so many of the recent posts. The “real” LA takes on a different shade depending on our perspective. We each see/love a different LA based on who we are, where we are and what we’re looking to experience.

    Oh, and thanks Celia for outing George “Sulu” Takei. His news failed to make the front page awhile back, maybe because being gay is no longer a shocking revelation. However, I respect him for discussing his life so candidly and openly, as coming out is still an uncomfortable leap for many of our entertainers whose livelihood’s depend on public support.

    Beam me up, Sulu. Your LA is my LA! :-)

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