Olympia! Olympia! Sergio Mendes. . .Why?

Some things just don’t age well. Unfortunately, this song by Sergio Mendes made to celebrate the Olympics in Los Angeles in ’84 is definitely one of those things.

The video features a lot of weird dancing sportsmen as well as bad haircuts, lots of spears and some ancient Greeks getting their fight on (because their women wouldn’t touch them.) My favorite part is when the little street kids jump over trash cans and then the scene cuts to a big gymnast guy as if to say “Look downtrodden gang kids! You too can wear tight pants and jump into the sky, if only you’ll try!”

Also note the giant mushroom cloud the gymnast jumps in front of just after 3:15 into the spot and seriously, since when was skipping stones an olympic sport?

If this isn’t a reason for the Olympics to come back to LA in 2016 I don’t know what is. . .we so deserve another chance at a better song.

One thought on “Olympia! Olympia! Sergio Mendes. . .Why?”

  1. That’s Ken Nordine doing the opening narration.

    And I graduated high school in 1985, which explains why I think the haircuts on the women are kinda hot.

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