NBC4’s NewsRaw… Vlogging at its best?

Steve Huff alerted me that after some folks at ABC 7 read my blog entry about his possible match in the case of 50 unidentified women (from here – original coverage here), they interviewed him for “NewsRaw”, their internet based news programming that, after a quick look, simply rocks.

I’ve been critical of NBC4 in the past (see my posts on Boobgate here, here, and here), but based on what I saw today, “NewsRaw” may have raised the bar and created a standard for video bloggers in L.A. and elsewhere.

In part, NewRaw is very similar to CNN Pipeline, another favorite of mine, providing live streaming video of breaking news, as well as video on demand of hot recorded segments. If its anything like CNN Pipeline, this will likely mean raw feeds from helicopters during high speed chases (this alone has made CNN Pipeline worth the $2.95/month… but NewsRaw, so far, is free). In addition, being able to access breaking news on your computer is simply awesome especially if you’re stuck working at a coffee shop or elsewhere away from a TV.

What sold me today is their daily “NewsRaw Inside” video clips – what I’d call vlogs – a behind the scenes glimpse inside the NBC4 newsrooms. These remind me a little of Soderbergh’s “K Street”, without the personal drama, as the camera captured different news desk staffers opinions on breaking stories.

In Wednesday’s edition of “Inside”, they discussed their initial reactions to the Andrea Yates verdict, as well as the news that the Santa Monica City Council last night banned smoking in all public places – potentially meaning no smoking on the entire stretch of the 3rd Street Promenade.

The editing isn’t flashy, and the camera work not top notch, but this only adds credibility to the idea of this being “raw news.” My only real complaint is that the video is often too dark to make out what is going on. But having a quick, seemingly uncensored glimpse inside the newroom and to see what news is chosen to be broadcast is damn interesting.

To help me figure out more about NewsRaw, I contacted producer Mekahlo Medina, who explained that while NewRaw first hit the web in April…

News Raw is still in the midst of a “soft” launch. We’re feeling our way through. We’re experimenting, taking chances, trying to build an audience of folks who normally do not watch news. We want to give them news that is relevant, real and right now.

While I’ve only had a chance to check out their video on demand highlights, the programming choices available are ambitious, to say the least:

NewsRaw Right Now: breaking news as it happens
NewsRaw Debriefing: Talk live to NBC 4 reporters on stories they are covering throughout the day
NewsRaw Back stories: Reporters and Producers put together packages stories on the big stories they covered throughout the week
NewsRaw Inside: Everyday Cary Berglund takes you in to our morning meeting. It gives you a sneak peek on what the news of the day might be.
NewsRaw The Buzz: Me (Mekahlo) and Shelley(NBC4.tv desk) give you the buzz of top stories, slideshows, videos on the NBC4.tv website.
NewsRaw: THE 4… Me (Mekahlo) and Jon (NBC4.TV) gives you the top four stories, videos, and pictures on busy websites all over the web
NewsRaw: Blogs: Me (Mekahlo) talks with two to three southland bloggers about the haps in the blog-o-sphere.

Mekahlo also explains that NewsRaw is also available on “Digital 4.4” via digital television sets:

New DTV’s are equipped with digital receivers and pick up regular broadcast channels, or as we call them — Mother Channels, and as a bonus get three to four additional sub channels. For example, Mother Channel 4 is on digital channel 4.1, our 24 weather channel “Weather Plus Live” is on digital channel 4.2, and News Raw is on 4.4.

More on NewsRaw can be found here… and Martini Republic beat me to the punch reporting on NewRaw here

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  1. I just saw the most revolting story glorifying this cop who let his 3 year old son have access to his gun and then the three year old accidentally shot his father. If it was anyone but a cop, the whole family would be foster care except for the father and maybe the mother who would be in jail for child endangerment.

    Yet you cover this benefit for this idiot gun lover. Had the police wanted to help him, they should have at least kept it quiet – not make a public spectacle out of an event that would get any non-cop in very serious legal trouble.

    I’d leave my real name but you guys are so cozy with the cops and they have guns that they obviously don’t even know how to use.

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