MySpace Not an Entirely Unstoppable Juggernaut

I missed this news from the weekend that Santa Moica-based MySpace fell victim to the same unrelenting heatwave that’s been dropping landscapers and pool cleaners all over the Southland for the last week. For 12 hours users were served up a Flash-based Pac-Man game instead of their usual feast of self-promotional Bulletin postings and high-school-grade 20 Questions exchanges. Looks like all that News Corp green isn’t enough to buy a decent backup generator.

2 thoughts on “MySpace Not an Entirely Unstoppable Juggernaut”

  1. Actually in some ways a big site like myspace is even more vulnerable to the power outages from heat than everyone else: It’s not just the computers which need power, but also the air conditioning. The temp in their server room was apparently 120 degrees (heaven knows how bad it was getting inside the computers themselves). So not only did they need to power the computers, but they had to power enough air conditioning to lower the room temp by at least 20 degrees on one of the hottest weekends in recent memory. I imagine, though, that they’re buying some more backup power capability.

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