It’s all ball bearings nowadays.

fletch.jpgA couple bits of LAcentric movie news:

  • Zach Braff will be the younger incarnation of Chevy Chase in “Fletch Won”, a prequel about the Los Angeles based investigative reporter. As a fan of both the two original Fletch films and the books the character is based on, I’m a little worried about this casting. Maybe I haven’t seen Braff’s full range yet, but he’s incomparable to Chase, and emotes too much Woody Allen and not enough, um, George Clooney, to fit Fletch’s personality. (from Dark Horizons)
  • Fans of Entourage will be happy to know a new live action version of Aquaman is available for download at iTunes… but this is the failed television pilot made this year, not with James Cameron directing and not starring Adrien Grenier as the poor man’s Submariner. (from Aint It Cool News)

One thought on “It’s all ball bearings nowadays.”

  1. It’s all ball bearings nowadays.


    I like Braff but I’m more than a little skeptical about this casting.

    He has to be one of the last people I’d consider for this role.

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