Cool pools: Pt 2: Reconnaissance of the Renaissance

So in my
quest to find a pool to cool off in here in the city, I checked out the rooftop pool at the Renaissance Hotel at the Hollywood & Highland center. Slipping in was a breeze, I walked through the lobby to the elevator and zipped right up. You do have to brave the parking lot and make sure you get validated from one of the vendors so you don’t spend an arm and a leg parking. The pool itself was cool and inviting, though very little shade is around if you want to chill while you’re hanging about out of the pool. They serve great lunches at the outdoor bar & cafe if you want to eat and drink while splashing around. It’s also steps away from the stairway of the upper level of the shopping center and you can pop down for a bite at one of the many restaurants if you like. Totally low key, not crowded (dead in fact) and easy to do. The cool factor is low, but it’s good for a dip if you are so inclined. I do have to warn you though that two years ago, I stayed there for a night and when my friend and I went to the pool, we were asked for room keys. It was a weekend then so security may be tighter on Saturdays and Sundays. For my first pool jump in the city, it was surprisingly easy.

4 thoughts on “Cool pools: Pt 2: Reconnaissance of the Renaissance”

  1. i have often dreamed of going for a dip at the downtown standard rooftop pool on my lunch break. maybe this is the week to do it!

  2. you know all public pools in the city are free with a library card, right?
    the best pool in city is the la swim stadium, which is on vermont and mlk blvd just on the south side of exposition park. good times.

  3. Hey PLM-No I didn’t know all public pools were free with a library card! Good timp. I’ll have to try that one!
    And shane- if you DO check out the downtonw standard, let me know what it was like!

  4. I had a business meeting poolside at the Standard hotel on Sunset on Friday. You don’t need to have a room key to use the pool. If you don’t buy anything you may be asked to leave but I found drinks to be affordable and the food we ordered tasty and also affordable. The pool isn’t large but it offers southern views of West Hollywood and a ping pong table. It’s a good place to take visitors to L.A. to give them that “chic Hollywood vibe” that everyone thinks L.A. is like. The crowd is young, hip, and well tanned. Models, actors, industry hang out. There was a model shoot there that afternoon and Entourage filmed there recently. When you enter the pool is to the right of the front desk. There are clean towels outside and bathrooms nearby for changing.

    Try the mojitos. Yum.

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