Also I Like To Rock At The Hammer

Shiny%20Toy%20Guns.jpgAs it has been pointed out, the Hammer is air conditioned. This is important these days. But tonight, in addition to art and air conditioning, there’s some indie rock well worth checking out. As part of the “Also I Like To Rock” series, you can catch People in Planes and Shiny Toy Guns live for free, starting at 8pm.

By the way, that would be the latter in the photo at left, because I like Shiny Toy Guns. I saw them about a year ago at Bar Sinister, and I was disappointed at being too exhausted to catch their show with Clear Static and Kill Hannah a few months ago. They’re very good, in a New Wave/electro way, and do a fairly solid cover of Depeche Mode’s “Stripped” as part of the live show. There’s worse ways to spend a Thursday than staying cool while rocking out.