A Waterway Way More Whacky & Wonderful

For lack of a quorum last night’s IAAL‚Ä¢MAF weekly Wednesday evening L.A. River ride was canceled and left me spinning my wheels solo style up along the wetstuff, made now that much more wacky by the weird water gallery that I was presented with shortly after entering the bikeway north of Fletcher (click to biggify):


Then I realized the display was no doubt the work of “River Master” Tyrone Hart who calls one of the adjacent islands home and was featured in an excellent article in the L.A. Times by Arin Gencer Monday on the disenfranchised who dare to live there.

2 thoughts on “A Waterway Way More Whacky & Wonderful”

  1. Hah, I think you have discovered LaLaLand … just like in the musical Brigadoon, it is a magical place that only appears for one day every 100 years. BLOGGERS: Hurry back B4 it’s too late!

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